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Reliable Power for an Unreliable World

Integrity Electrical in Texarkana, AR is an authorized seller of Cummins Power Generators

Nothing is worse than being left without power when you need it most; avoid the headache and hassle by being prepared with a permanent Cummins generator! At Integrity Electrical, Inc., we help Texarkana residents prepare for the worst before they're in tough positions.

We use nothing but the best quality permanent generators to keep your home up and moving during hurricanes, tornadoes, and bad thunderstorms. The experts at Integrity Electrical will help you pick the best unit for your home, install the generator, and provide regular maintenance to keep your generator in tip-top shape.

We offer home and commercial Cummins generators for a variety of needs including:

  • Your home
  • Your church
  • Your business

To learn more about our Cummins Home and Commercial Generators, please click the learn more button below.

Top Three Reasons to Choose a Permanent Cummins Generator over a Portable Generator

  • No need to exercise the generator regularly to ensure that it runs properly
  • No need to hook it up yourself during a bad storm
  • No need to worry about having enough gas or power capacity to run your appliances

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